Causes of Car Breakdown

Even if you look after your vehicle and maintain it regularly, car breakdowns can often be unavoidable as well as unexpected. It is however a good idea to get up to speed on the common causes of car breakdown, just so you can aim to try and prevent any of these problems popping up on your travels. This knowledge, coupled with reliable car breakdown cover, will have you feeling at ease and completely unafraid of any potential breakdowns.Visit auto towing gastonia for more details.

Flat batteries are at the top of the list when it comes to sourcing the cause of car breakdowns, and are one of the main reasons why breakdown companies get called out to the scene. Although you may regularly check your battery and its condition, forgetting to turn your car lights or radio off is all it takes to drain the battery. Remember to pop some jump leads in your car in the unfortunate event that you do experience car battery problems, as you’ll be able to ask someone to assist you in jump starting your vehicle. With this in mind, as well as regular battery maintenance, (check your battery at least once a month), you shouldn’t expect to breakdown at the hand of a flat battery.

Flat tyres are the next common cause of vehicle breakdowns and it’s mainly due to general wear and tear or poor tyre maintenance. Check your tyres’ tread and pressure regularly; if you feel they’re looking a little flat then don’t just brush the problem aside. Instead, fill each tyre with the correct amount of air and check for any tyre punctures whilst doing so. If possible, carry a spare tyre in the boot of your car in the event of an emergency.

Another common cause of a vehicle breakdown is one that can happen to the best of us; running out of fuel. The obvious prevention is to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Try to keep your fuel level above a quarter tank, which will give you enough fuel and time to drive to the nearest petrol station or at least, your desired location.

Vehicle breakdowns are also triggered by simple mechanical or electrical faults or even because motorists have locked themselves out of their vehicle! The main factor to consider before setting off on your travels is that you’re fully prepared for the worst. Are you equipped with jump leads, a torch, spare bulbs and fluids? Is your mobile phone fully charged for emergencies? With all this in mind, you’re well on your way to steering away from any potential breakdowns this summer.

Roadside Assistance in Case of Vehicle Breakdown

One of the worst-case scenarios a driver can find themselves in is broken down on the side of the road. Yet, as any driver knows, this is a very common situation that almost every car owner will find themselves in one day. Luckily, there are things to remember to avoid this happening to you. Our Grapevine TX car care experts can offer you advice on how to avoid this situation happening to you, getting you back on the road in no time.

-Gas It Up: Running out of gas is one of the most common causes of being stranded on the side of the road. It is important to always keep an eye on your gas gauge, and never rely on your gas light to tell you when to fill up. Keeping a gas can in your car will also come in handy should you find yourself in this situation, as you can easily fill it up at a nearby gas station. Having a reliable roadside assistance company will also benefit you in this situation.

-Don’t Leave Your Lights On: It is also extremely common for a driver to leave their lights on when exiting a vehicle, draining the car’s battery in the process. Whether it is your headlights or the overhead lights in your vehicle, always check to make sure your lights are properly turned off when you leave your car. This will save you the worry of waking up to a dead battery. Proper battery care and replacement will also come in handy in this situation.

-Blown Tire: When it comes to a blown tire, there is not much you can do to avoid this hazard from occurring. While keeping your tires filled with the proper amount of air is absolutely essential, oftentimes a piece of glass or an obstruction in the road can flatten even the most properly-maintained tire. It is imperative that your car be outfitted with a spare tire, and if you use yours in a situation such as this, it is crucial to remember to replace it. Never be on the road without your spare tire – it is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle.

Of course, while there are many steps you can take to avoid a sudden breakdown of your vehicle, they happen to the best of us. So it is extremely important that you rely on a reputable roadside assistance company in your area to count on when it comes to sudden breakdowns.

About Auto Breakdown Cover

Now a day, insurance has become a very popular term in our lives. The term “Breakdown Cover” is a kind of insurance which is applicable for vehicles moving on the roads as it is a service provided mostly for roadside recovery of cars. It includes costs of parts and labor by the company. It is also a service to rescue the owners standing roadside and waiting for help or recovery along with their broken or damaged vehicle where they are unable to perform any kind of temporary or on-site repairing or recovery work. It is a necessity by any means now a day. Waiting and stranding on a remote and unknown place may cause many more problems and dangers like roadside robbery, traffic jam, penalty of law, awkward delay, etc. No one remains ready for an unexpected fault or failure of the vehicle with spare parts.

The goals of this kind of service are:

-To locate and find the position of damaged vehicles which could be near the recovery or petrol stations or too far from them in the middle of nowhere!

-To assist the motorists, owners and passengers who have their cars damaged and are unable to continue their journey by providing site recovery or lift.

-To provide a ride or transportation facility sometimes to the victims suffered by accidental or sudden and unexpected damage.

-To provide professional service with trained, equipped and skillful staffs who are supposed to be ready to rescue the customer anytime, anywhere.

-To keep the system most up to date with mapping technology and latest modern equipments in the company.

-To bring the vehicle to the nearby station or workshop of the company for larger amounts of recovery works for larger and critical damages which are time-worthy. For this kind of service, breakdown cover providers should keep necessary

To whom this service would be useful:

-Persons who have to go for long rides, this kind of recovery necessary to them.

-Persons who are weak, partially disabled, aged and after all unable to recover his vehicle immediately.

-As the costs individually can be very high as they have high towing costs and call out charges if anyone doesn’t have this breakdown cover. So, it is also applicable for them who are not capable of bearing the individual costs while they can make an insurance policy like car breakdown cover and could be able to pay recovery bills in a smaller scale on a regular basis.

-The aristocrat and busy persons who are not habituated with their own car recovery.

-People who have been getting stuck in middle of nowhere and they have no idea or direction of their location.

-People who have problematic vehicles and can’t afford to buy another or replace that.

The kinds of damages included in this service:

Vehicles getting out of fuel. Locking of vehicles when drivers or owners are out of vehicles or lost keys. Flat or faulty tyres and batteries. Faults of electrical parts like barrel and ignition lock, bulbs, lamps, speedometer and odometer, faulty connections etc. Other mechanical Faults like: Clutch cables getting weaker or broken High Tension Leads damage Distributor cap leakage which leads high ignition voltage getting out. Spark plugs damage Starter motor failure Faulty alternator or generator.

This is after all a good policy to have customers back for car-related failures and there are many breakdown companies and policies to pick up. In Europe, this service has been able to achieve the reliability of customers.